Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update~On Saturdays Ordeal!

Well, I went on line and found in our local paper that the man that was involved in the horrific experience I had Saturday was charge with third-degree assault, second-degree breach of peace, interfering with an emergency... Of course, I couldn't read the rest unless I signed up for membership. But I am glad to read that he is being charged. I don't know if I will be called or not, but hopefully he will receive what he deserves!

I must tell you that today I was in a store and I actually got alittle anxious when a man was getting upset with the owner because he wanted a discount but didn't have the coupon. Nothing happened but it is amazing how something can stick with you and effect you. It really stinks! I hate that I had to have that response while trying to enjoy myself shopping.

I just pray that during the holiday season, that people won't loose sight of what the season is truly about! Some people tend to get alittle crazy!

If I do find anything else, I will let you all know! I might stop by the antique store again. Just not sure when!

I also want to thank everyone who left such wonderful and supportive comments. It truly helped me to read such comforting and encouraging words. I truly am humbled! Thank you so much. Lots of Hugs, Ellen


squawmama said...

I am so relieved that they got him as I know you must be too... That was a scary experience... Have a great night Ellen...


Holly said...

Well, Ellen I hope you can move on in peace an joy! But be patient with yourself. It might take some time.

~ Healing Hearts ~

Lynn said...

So sorry you had such a scary experience, I am just thankful that you are ok.
That is so neat that you found almost the same salt and pepper shakers, they are really lovely :)

Say It With Roses said...

I got goose bumps reading your ordeal. My heart was even pounding! I am so glad you are OK Ellen!!!
I ALWAYS keep my eyes open and stay very aware in stores or anyplace when I am out. That comes from living with a retired federal law officer. On two occassions that habit has kept me out of harms way. It is a scary world out there, today with many nuts roaming around!!!
Just stay aware and don't be scared or let this ruin shopping for you.