Saturday, December 20, 2008


~Holy Moly~
I thought today was Friday. I have been blogging and shopping online and I still didn't realize today was Saturday. At least not until I stopped at fleur de bee, to leave her a response to a comment she left on my blog. This happens to me time to time. I think because I don't work out home really, that I sometimes loose track of the day. Dan works schedule isn't the Monday thru Friday type, that it is hard to have a reference to the days. Well, I guess better late than never. I wanted to post pictures of all the pink ornaments on my white Christmas tree. Enjoy!
pink hugs, Ellen
You have to create a base with pink bulbs! These are actually very large! Got them from my neighbor, Doris. She is such a sweet friend!
Your everyday Hot PINK bulbs!
Must have a Princess Crown!
Found these a few years ago on ebay. I just love the pink icsicles with a frosty look. I use to hang them from the chandelier!
I aslo bought these on ebay the same Christmas. These are sweet mini hat boxes with a dusting of glitter and silk ribbon. They clip on. I use to put them on the garland & tuile on my banister.
Sweet Pink tree from Kim. The swap where I got that gorgeous Victorian Pink Teatime Wreath.
Another ornament from Kim. I think this is so gorgeous. A pretty pink Victorian shoe with doves. I will probably keep this out for Valentine's Day too on my white feather tree!
One more from Kim. A pretty Victorian vanity mirror.
One of my favorite ornaments. I bought this for Audrey's first Christmas. It is a sweet Noah's Ark!
A vintage Santa Ornament that I repainted Pink last Christmas and dusted with glitter.
Another Pink Ornament I bought a few years ago. Isn't this a cute Santa Star. It is in a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic fabric. I just love these! Can you tell that I started GOING pink a few years ago!!! LOL
GaGa, Audrey's paternal grandmother gave this for her Christmas 2006. I just love it. This precious angel is so sweet. She is titled "Garden Miracle." Fits Audrey perfectly.
GaGa gave this to Jane Christmas 2006 too. Isn't she adorable with the bunny! She is titled, "Loving Kindness." That is Jane to a button! She is the lovey one!
My sister bought me this unique pink shaded and jewelled sconce ornament last Christmas.
Sandra, my sister, sent me this yummy cupcake ornament for this Christmas. She sent me two but the other one wasn't pink. These are from, "Wonderland Bakery." If you love cupcakes or sweet treats real or faux, check it out. The stuff is amazingly sweet!
Well. Thank you for sharing my pink ornies with me! Make sure to check out other pink lovelies by going to Beverly at to visit participating blogs. Thank you Bev!!!! Happy Pink Saturday Ladies!
pink hugs, Ellen


Fifi Flowers said...

Nice Pink post... I want that tiara in a wearable size! Welcome to Pink Saturday late! ENJOY! Fifi

Cathy said...


I am really loving all the ornaments, BUT that "Cupcake Love" is absolutely adorable. OMG!!! too darn cute.

Stay warm and snuggly. I know it's very cold here right now. Only 10 degrees.

xo Cathy

squawmama said...

Hey Ellen... What a wonderful Pink Saturday post... I love all your pink ornaments... and your tree must really be beautiful all white and pink... Hope you’re a staying warm... Have a fun filled day...



Ohh all of your pink ornaments are so very pretty!!!! I love your pink post today and am sooo glad that you remembered!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Ellen..I love all of your pink ornies..esp the Victorian boot! Also, I really love your middle name is Ellen, along with my daughters and mom.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog....
Happy PINK...Lorena

Shirl said...

HI Ellen, Happy Pink Saturday, love your post and all your ornaments. All so pretty, I really loved that victorian shoe with doves. I have those same angels, so pretty. Cupcake ornaments is so cute! Your snow pics were beautiful too. Your girls had a blast!
Love you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

White Iris Designs said...

I love your ornaments!

Joy said...

Super pretty ornaments! The little tiara is my fave. :O)

Holly said...

So sweet and pretty, Ellen! Some day I think I will have a Pink tree and a traditional one.

~ Hearts ~


The wicker on my blog is a bell!!! Sorry that I did not describe it better, I was so excited to find it at this time of year!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful ornaments! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I love your ornaments Ellen! THey are all beautiful!! I love the cupcake and the crowns the best though :) AND the star!

Love ya sweetie,

KatCollects said...

You have many pretty ornaments. Happy belated pink Saturday.

Sondra Behne' said...

Those have got to be the most adorable decorations I have ever seen. A lot of differant ones that have never croseed my path . I love the pink icicle but mostly the angel and bunny.

Happy Holidays to you

Ellen said...

Seasons Greetings..How pretty are your decorations. I couldn't pick a favorite as they are all beautiful. Love the angels. Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)EllenL

Priscila said...

i have some pretty ornaments like that...i need to take some pics...I love ur tree...cant believe its christmas though...can u? How crazy !!! Time flys

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Ellen. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

All of your pink ornaments are just wonderful. I love the crown!!!