Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Audrey's Birthday~Evening Festivities~

Good Evening Everyone! I have a bunch of pictures from this evening. Ofcourse, I missed the pictures of Daddy taking them out in the snow. They weren't out there to long because it is freezing, especially with the wind. I just checked outside and at 10pm it is ZERO DEGREES. And with the wind it is probably colder.
This is Audrey's Birthday dinner. Homemade burgers and fries. And soda too!
Please excuse my messy kitchen!!!
Best picture I could get of Audrey and me. Dan told her to smile and play seafood. I didn't want to post those pictures! YUK!
Girls wanted to go up to our bed and open presents before cake.
At this age, we buy something for Jane too. We do the same for Audrey on Jane's birthday.
Audrey got a career barbie set. Her new barbie is a pediatritian. It comes with all the tools and two cute babies. One was swaddled in a purple blankie and the other a pink one. Which was Perfect!
Daddy bought them Disney Princess Makeup. Which he decided to open up and put on their faces.
As you can see, never let a man put purple lipstick on. I don't think he could resist! Poor thing is tired though...maybe that is why the purple lipstick is on his face, not just his lips! LOL
She is excited to see the 2 babies.

Jane chillin' with daddy. Audrey was all about the presents.
This present in particular. I bought her a Ken doll and an extra pair of clothes. I was thinking about how she loves Sleeping Beauty and she could pretend this was Prince Philip. WELL...I am already in trouble. lol She got all gitty and asked if I would take his clothes off. I asked why. She said, "I want to see something." ANd YES, your thinking is correct. She just kept laughing and rolling her eyes. SHE IS ONLY FOUR! ~~~big sye~~~
She did get him dressed again and played "getting married with him and a girl barbie."
Making a wish before blowing out her candle.
First time I have used a number candle.
You can see some of their barbie stuff on the dinning room table. Wet clothes on the radiator from going outside and other barbie and princess stuff from Christmas.
And that was it. I was to tired to take anymore. Who am I kidding. I was all about that chocolate cake and ice cream. :) Anyways....I hope you enjoyed Audrey's BIRTHday pictures.
Have a Blessed New Year!
hugs, Ellen


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OH MY GOSH ELLEN!!!!!!!! These are the sweetest pictures ever! Your family is just precious! I love the pictures of Dan and the girls, so CUTE! I love that he put makeup on them and purple lipstick on himself! I bet the girls will never forget this! Just too sweet!!

Love to you all,

Holly said...

So sweet. What a good sport your husband is! My hubby wanted a girl sooooo bad! :< But i guess this way, *I'm* his only girl. :>