Wednesday, December 31, 2008

AUDREY~A Few Minutes Old

Dan found a blown up photo of Audrey minutes after she was born. Sorry it isn't clearer but I had to post it. It isn't the one with one eye shut but just as cute. I just cannot believe that she has become the cute and sweet and smart little girl I know and love today.
Thank you God for Audrey, Our Blessing. Make sure to cherish every moment you have in the New Year! She was perfect. The perfect way for me to have started my new year.
hugs, Ellen

Audrey's Birthday~Evening Festivities~

Good Evening Everyone! I have a bunch of pictures from this evening. Ofcourse, I missed the pictures of Daddy taking them out in the snow. They weren't out there to long because it is freezing, especially with the wind. I just checked outside and at 10pm it is ZERO DEGREES. And with the wind it is probably colder.
This is Audrey's Birthday dinner. Homemade burgers and fries. And soda too!
Please excuse my messy kitchen!!!
Best picture I could get of Audrey and me. Dan told her to smile and play seafood. I didn't want to post those pictures! YUK!
Girls wanted to go up to our bed and open presents before cake.
At this age, we buy something for Jane too. We do the same for Audrey on Jane's birthday.
Audrey got a career barbie set. Her new barbie is a pediatritian. It comes with all the tools and two cute babies. One was swaddled in a purple blankie and the other a pink one. Which was Perfect!
Daddy bought them Disney Princess Makeup. Which he decided to open up and put on their faces.
As you can see, never let a man put purple lipstick on. I don't think he could resist! Poor thing is tired though...maybe that is why the purple lipstick is on his face, not just his lips! LOL
She is excited to see the 2 babies.

Jane chillin' with daddy. Audrey was all about the presents.
This present in particular. I bought her a Ken doll and an extra pair of clothes. I was thinking about how she loves Sleeping Beauty and she could pretend this was Prince Philip. WELL...I am already in trouble. lol She got all gitty and asked if I would take his clothes off. I asked why. She said, "I want to see something." ANd YES, your thinking is correct. She just kept laughing and rolling her eyes. SHE IS ONLY FOUR! ~~~big sye~~~
She did get him dressed again and played "getting married with him and a girl barbie."
Making a wish before blowing out her candle.
First time I have used a number candle.
You can see some of their barbie stuff on the dinning room table. Wet clothes on the radiator from going outside and other barbie and princess stuff from Christmas.
And that was it. I was to tired to take anymore. Who am I kidding. I was all about that chocolate cake and ice cream. :) Anyways....I hope you enjoyed Audrey's BIRTHday pictures.
Have a Blessed New Year!
hugs, Ellen

Audrey Loves Aurora

You can hear Audrey singing, "I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream..." It is just so darn cute. But if she catches you listening, she usually smile and make her shy pose!

~My Sleeping Beauty~

Audrey, My Sleeping Beauty, was born today at 2:10is in the morning. (I can't believe I don't remember the exact time). Being my first pregnancy, everything was so new and surreal. I would stand by her empty crib at night and imagine my lil' Audrey in it. Of course, no imagination could capture the awesomeness of the real thing! Dan and I were so blessed with a beautiful little. That beauty just radiates from within here little being! I thank God everyday with the prescious little care package he sent. And I am humbled that he loaned her to Dan and I to love and raise all the days of our life here and in heaven.
Sweet Kisses Sleeping Beauty!
hugs, Mommy
Doesn't she look like Popeye! This is how she looked when she came right out. I have a picture somewhere of my mom holding her in the delivery room with one eye open. I wish I could find it!
This was were I spent most of my time~Morning~Noon~Night...All Nigth! She had bad reflux so I would stay up/sleep on the couch holding her upright! Of course being a new mom I was petrified so I slept very little!
This photo was taken on her BIRTHday in the hospital.

Another one of my many nights! My hair! Yikes!

Just enjoying carrying her around with me...EVERYWHERE!

Night...I've lost count by this time. I think she is trying to eat! LOL

Well, I hope you enjoyed. I have many photos to follow.
hugs, Ellen


Oh I cannot believe that my first born turned 4 today. My little sweet pea!!! How time flies when your busy raising lil' ones! Audrey, on the right, is having fun playing with Jane. I let them open their new play dough for her birthday. This is how the morning started.

I am dedicating my blog today to Audrey. Throughout the day I will be back to post different things about or for Audrey. I hope that you stop back to see!

We will be having an intimate birthday party tonight for her. Just mommy, daddy, and jane. Saturday will be the extended family! start, I changed the blog with birhtday balloons. It had to have purple. I also created her very own playlist. Enjoy!

Mommy loves you Audrey!
hugs and kisses, Mommy

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pink Saturday

Girls were all about Barbie and Sleeping Beauty this year.
Welcome to Pink Saturday! Hope you all had a wonderful Chistmas. The girls enjoyed a wonderfully girly pink Christmas. I had fun watching them open gifts. Here are just a few photos of the girls playing or wearing their gifts. Thank you Beverly,, for faithfully hosting another Pink Saturday. So make sure to check out what other pink presents are being posted.
pink hugs, Ellen

Audrey and Jane are enjoying opening gifts Christmas Eve with Dan's family, my brother David (he came early to help me out), and friend Doris.

Audrey is enjoying her Sleeping Beauty vanity table. It lights up and is interactive. She has faux makeup and is able to brush Aurora's hair. This was her number one request from Santa.

Jane fashioning her pink tutu and pink knitted hat. She actually was happy but I missed the smile.

Here is audrey with her pink tutu and pink and purple knitted hat! She is doing her pretty princess pose!

I hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My family and I are having a wonderful Christmas! Many Blessings!!! hugs, Ellen

Glitter Graphics

Christmas Glitter

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishings For A Merry Christmas Eve

What is everyone doing today? I am busy baking and putting the finishing touches on the house. We will be having a small party this evening with my husbands' family and my brother. That is if the roads arn't too bad. We were supposed to get snow but slush, sleet, and freezing rain decided to make an appearance! Makes for a tricky drive. So, to my family and yours stay warm and safe.

My girls are so excited for Santa to come with presents. So as we wait for his arrival. Remember who's arrival matters. Tomorrow is a celebration of our wonderful Savior, Jesus. I thank God for him.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas Eve! warm hugs, Ellen

Glitter Graphics">Christmas Glitter

Saturday, December 20, 2008


~Holy Moly~
I thought today was Friday. I have been blogging and shopping online and I still didn't realize today was Saturday. At least not until I stopped at fleur de bee, to leave her a response to a comment she left on my blog. This happens to me time to time. I think because I don't work out home really, that I sometimes loose track of the day. Dan works schedule isn't the Monday thru Friday type, that it is hard to have a reference to the days. Well, I guess better late than never. I wanted to post pictures of all the pink ornaments on my white Christmas tree. Enjoy!
pink hugs, Ellen
You have to create a base with pink bulbs! These are actually very large! Got them from my neighbor, Doris. She is such a sweet friend!
Your everyday Hot PINK bulbs!
Must have a Princess Crown!
Found these a few years ago on ebay. I just love the pink icsicles with a frosty look. I use to hang them from the chandelier!
I aslo bought these on ebay the same Christmas. These are sweet mini hat boxes with a dusting of glitter and silk ribbon. They clip on. I use to put them on the garland & tuile on my banister.
Sweet Pink tree from Kim. The swap where I got that gorgeous Victorian Pink Teatime Wreath.
Another ornament from Kim. I think this is so gorgeous. A pretty pink Victorian shoe with doves. I will probably keep this out for Valentine's Day too on my white feather tree!
One more from Kim. A pretty Victorian vanity mirror.
One of my favorite ornaments. I bought this for Audrey's first Christmas. It is a sweet Noah's Ark!
A vintage Santa Ornament that I repainted Pink last Christmas and dusted with glitter.
Another Pink Ornament I bought a few years ago. Isn't this a cute Santa Star. It is in a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic fabric. I just love these! Can you tell that I started GOING pink a few years ago!!! LOL
GaGa, Audrey's paternal grandmother gave this for her Christmas 2006. I just love it. This precious angel is so sweet. She is titled "Garden Miracle." Fits Audrey perfectly.
GaGa gave this to Jane Christmas 2006 too. Isn't she adorable with the bunny! She is titled, "Loving Kindness." That is Jane to a button! She is the lovey one!
My sister bought me this unique pink shaded and jewelled sconce ornament last Christmas.
Sandra, my sister, sent me this yummy cupcake ornament for this Christmas. She sent me two but the other one wasn't pink. These are from, "Wonderland Bakery." If you love cupcakes or sweet treats real or faux, check it out. The stuff is amazingly sweet!
Well. Thank you for sharing my pink ornies with me! Make sure to check out other pink lovelies by going to Beverly at to visit participating blogs. Thank you Bev!!!! Happy Pink Saturday Ladies!
pink hugs, Ellen

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy Winter Wonderland

Hope you all are warm and snuggly in your homes. Here in Connecticut we are being hit with a winter storm. Really the first one of the season. We are getting another one Sunday. I think right now we are at about 10" and it is still coming down. I love it when it snows, when it is a good snow storm. I know by the end of winter I will say different, but for now it is fun because the girls are having fun with it. I thought I would share some photos. Grab a nice cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.
Snowfall after roughly 30 minutes. This was around 12:30 p.m. today.
I took this picture at around 4:40 p.m. The children who live on the street are all playing in the snow across the street.
Girls were so excited Daddy got home from work because HE takes them in the snow. This is about 7:30 p.m. Even our new puppy is enjoying herself.
They had so much fun. I don't really have any winter clothes for them so they are in three layers of clothes! LOL
I had the darndest time getting Audrey to look up at the camera and smile. Jane was very willing.
Finally...but she said, "Mom Iam too busy." I am amazed that Brownie is still playing in the snow. I was freezing my pippy off while taking pics.
Slowly making their way closer to the front door!
I think Brownie wants to come in!
Look at that face. She looks like she is pleading with me! We have had Brownie for three weeks. She is almost 3 months. She is a brindle pitbull. She is our second pitbull. Chloe, our first, died this past May. Chloe was 10 years old. The best dog Dan and I ever had combined!!!!
Audrey~Are you cold yet!?!
Jane are you cold yet? (She looks funny in this picture).
Jane is ready!
YAH! SHE's Cold! I couldn't get her to smile! She is cold and all wet!
Of course she can't resist alittle snowy snack!
Look at those rosy cheeks!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the Girls Snowy Winter Wonderland! Stay Safe..Stay warm...Stay full~of Hot Chocolate~
hugs, Ellen