Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogging Time

Wow! Finding time to blog is a lot more difficult than I remember. I really want to get back on here regularly. I need to figure out how to incorporate it into my daily life. Anyone out there have suggestions? I am always coming up things I could post about but never get to it.

I am in a Spring Basket Swap. I am really excited about. I saw it last year and wished I had been in it. I'll post a link to it along with pictures of the baskets I make and receive.

Have a Blessed Day!

hugs, Ellen

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where Have I Been Hiding?

I have been missing my blog, along with all the friends I made. Life had just been so crazy that I had to put blogging and my sewing aside. I now live in California. My husband, our two little girls, and I drove across country from Connecticut and arrived here this past June. To say we downsized would be an understatement. We had a two day estate sale and sold everything that wouldn't fit into a 5' x 8' UHAUL. Let me tell you that was hard! Most of my antique and vintage treasures are gone along with family pieces. I am still getting use to living in a small two bedroom apartment after living in a five bedroom house. But, I really wanted to live closer to my sister and brother and their families. Plus, who can't deny the Cali weather. I am glad I am here right now instead of in CT. My husbands parents reported that there is nowhere to put the snow. My brother in New York and my parents in New Jersey say the same thing. Shorts and flip flops in January....CRAZY!

I am getting the creative itch and am getting ready to start setting up a crafting corner our apartment. I really miss my crafting studio on the third floor in my former house, but I will make do. Sewing and crafting really made me happy and I look forward to getting back to it. I miss selling my handmade pretties and vintage goodies on etsy. So keep watching. I will be posting new items that I will be putting in my etsy shop in about a month.

I am glad to be back and look forward to reconnecting with you all.

hugs, Ellen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh My Gosh! I have finally figured out how to get back on my blog. I couldn't figure out my password for the past year. I had changed my original email address so I was having trouble getting the chance to reset. I just did, and I am not sure how I did it. I was just fooling around with it, for the last time. I just hope I will be able to get on again.

So much has happened to me in the last year. I promise, I will be back soon to fill you in. I have missed my bloging friends.

hugs, Ellen

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pink Saturday~Pin Cushions

Welcome to another Pink Saturday! I finally have a working camera, so I was able to take pics of my newest pin cushions. Here are four that are pink or are accented with pink. Have a lovely weekend Pinkies!!!

Make sure to stop by Bev's to see other wonderful posts!

pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Saturday & 100th Post/Cottage Charm Giveaway Winner

Happy Pink Saturday! Well, for this week I decided to share soe cupcakes I have found while browsing Today is such a gorgeous day, a day perfect for a pretty pink cupcake. Have a wonderful day and treat yourself to a cuppy! Which one is your favorite? I like the the one wich chocolate icing! pink hugs, Ellen

On to the GIVEAWAY!!!! I just want to thank everyone who participated. I wish I had run it all month long because I enjoyed going into my email and reading all your stories! This was such a tough one for me because you all had great stuff to share! Some were funny. Others were heartfelt. And some were gutsy to share. So because I wish I could give something to everyone, I decided to pick one winner and 3runner ups. Those 3 will get a lil' surprise somethin'. Okay. Drumroll !!!!!!!

The winner of my 100th Post/Country Charm Giveaway is......Marilyn in NM. Your story was so creative and it gave me goosebumps when your father realized that it was a cougar stalking you! Plus Daddy's should ALWAYS listen to their little girls! :) Congratulations!

The 3 Runner Ups are .......1. Susan Pilatto for having the spitfire to take it upon herself to not surrender her macaroni and cheese to "wee" black bear. Congrats!

..........2. LeBizB for keeping her sons dream alive and your backseat animals! That story would make a wonderfully comical children's book. I can invision it now!

..........3. Deanna for her heartfelt kind and generous spirit. How wonderful that you continue to go back to give needful things to those who truly need! Made me choke up! I work with those type of people and they do really suffer!

So now, I need the winner and the 3 runner ups to send me their full addresses. My snail mail is And Marilyn you will also need to tell me which of the four pin cushions you would like me to make for you along with the color combinations!

Thank you again. Stop back periodically. I had so much fun with this one that I might have to do another random giveaway. Start getting those stories ready.

hugs, Ellen

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pink Saturday~100th Post~Cottage Charm Giveaway~

**UPDATED May 26th** My friend at Bunny Rose Cottage is having a giveway and joined the Cottage Giveaway, so I thought I would add mine because I will be picking the winner May 30th. Stop by by clicking on the button link to check out all the other fabulous giveaways. hugs, Ellen

Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at
Last P.S. was my 100th post so I decided to have a giveaway. I was taking photos of pin cushions for my etsy shop grand opening and for today but dropped my camera and I broke it. So for today's giveaway, I had to change it up alittle. Because I cannot take photos of the pin cushion I had for the giveaway and I still wanted to have it today, I decided to make the PRIZE a CUSTOME ORDER PIN CUSHION OF YOUR STYLE CHOICE. The winner of this giveway will be able to chose from 4 different styles of pin cushion, two different styles of my kitty cat pin cushion, my owl pin cushion, or my version of a cupcake pin cushion. The winner can also have his or her cushion made in any color combination. If you don't feel like pinks that is!!!!!

So this Giveaway will run all week. Next Pink Saturday, May 30th, I will announce the winner. So you have until midnight Friday, May 29th Eastern Time to leave a comment on this post.

What I am looking for is this: Tell me something about yourself, that most people wouldn't know. It could be anything. I will choice the one I think is the most creative. I look forward to reading your stories!!! Here is mine. When I was 8 I was trying to catch a baby Gar fish in Galvastine bay. We use to have a boat docked there. While my arm was submerged in water, its mother (or hunter) came up from underneath another boat and hissed at me....It was not just a Gar, but an Alligator Gar. I turned Ghostly white and ran screaming to my parents who were relaxing on the boat. That is something I will never forget!!!! And I have only told a handful of people over the years LoL

Good LucK! And Have lots of fun! pink hugs, Ellen
Style Choice One.

Style Choice Two.

Style Choice Three.

Style Choice Four.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pink Saturday~New Look to Etsy Shop~

Pink Saturday one of my favorite days of the week. I love being able to share my pink pretties with you. I also enjoy going around and seeing what other Pinkies have on display. I want to thank Beverly at for her commitment to keeping every Saturday Pretty in Pink!!! Make sure to stop by her blog where you can link to other participants!

Cute lil' Bluebird and birdcage Etsy banner by Tiffany at Max and Bella's.

I have had my etsy shop, on vaction for awhile now. As many of you know, my husband and I have been working on our house so I hadn't had time to sew; but I have been busy sewing and am going to open up my shop this week. So for the reopening, "Grand Opening," I decided to give my shop a new look. So I bought this great banner and avatar from a fellow etsian. I also bought some of my business tags from her too. Tiffany at custom made my banner, avatar, business tags, and return address stickers. She is a friendly and lovely lady. You will receive your product quickly and put together so pretty. Make sure to check out her shop. Below is my sweet lil' birdie avatar. Doesn't she look cute with her "PRETTY PINK" flower?

Cute lil' Bluebird Avatar by Tiffany at Max and Bella's.

Since I wrote about one etsy shop, I figured I would tell you about another one. Denise's shop, is full of her handmade Lampwork beads. Let me tell you, her stuff is whimsical and beautiful. I had the pleasure of selling and buying with her. Below are some of the beads I received from her. First are these sweet red and PINK strawberry beads. THey will make great toppers for my CuPcAkE pInCuShIoNs!!! And ofcourse, the next set of beads are cupcakes. I asked Denise if she could make them and she delivered! They are even cuter in person. I have already made some decorative pins for my pin cushions using these yummy sweet cupcakes. Denise too, is ships quickly and wraps everything safely and with such pretty touches. She is so nice and fun to work with. Make sure to stop by her etsy shop.

Strawberry Lampwork Beads by Denise at Deniseannette.

Cupcake Lampwork Beads by Denise at Deniseannette.

Have a wonderful day and make sure to check out my etsy shop this week. It will be full of goodies. PLUS, today is my 100th post so stop back next Pink Saturday for my 100th Post GIVEAWAY!!!!!

pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pink Saturday~Happy Mother's Day~

Welcome to another wonderful Pink Saturday! Today I decided wish all you lovely pink ladies a Happy Mother's Day! Being a MoM is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs we will ever have in our lives. (As I write, I have one daughter sitting quietly and the other one screaming! lol) May you all be cherished and loved. And have fun cherishing and loving your children (hubby can be included in there too).

Make sure to stop by Beverly's Blog, to see the other Pink Participants. I am always impressed by how creative we express our pinkness.

pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guest Room~Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Copy the link to see what other pinkies are posted! I have been working on this room for about a week now. It took four days to paint the ceiling, walls, trim and baseboard. Plus put in the new carpet. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I had been buying a putting away new linens and extras. The room is not complete but I could not resist the desire to share my pink guestroom with you. I will post the room again for a later Pink Saturday when it is completed. I will be doing a paint finish on the dresser. If you look I have two large pink glass reproduction glass knobs on the top drawer. I have 8 more. The two painted wooden girls (painted by my mom a long time ago) both need repairs on the same braid. I need to arrange the pictures on the walls and add more. And I am sure I will find more to put in the room to accessories. My brother and his pregant wife are coming next week from California. I really wanted to make thier stay special. Happy Pink Saturday. pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday! Today I decided to share my recent purchase! I had been eyeing the pink cancer ribbon cutting mat and rotary cutter for awhile. When I saw them on sale, I could not resist. Ofcourse, the matching sissors were sold out. I have been wanting a smaller cutting board to use for my paper crafts. I cannot wait to use it. Make sure to stop by Beverly at to check out other pinkie posts. I am always inspired by what I see! Have a Pink Perfect Day. pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, March 28, 2009

PINK Saturday~Pin Cushions

Good Afternoon! I had an oppurtunity to sleep in late and I took advantage of it. My mom, the girls "NeNe", what them so I could get alittle extra sleep after a sleepless week. So finally her is my Pink Saturday pics for the week. Here are three new pin cushions I put in my etsy shop,
Ms. Flora Kitty Cat Pin Cushion

Ms. Rose Kitty Cat Pin Cushion

Strawberry Pink Cupcake Pin Cushion...yummy sweet...

Thank you Beverly at for hosting yet another wonderful Saturday of Pink posts. Make sure to stop by her blog and see who else is participating. You will have so much fun and meet a new friends.

pink hugs, Ellen

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Good Morning Pinkie! I decided to post some pictures that reminded me of spring. Make sure to stop by Beverly's blog, to see who else is expressing their creative pink side today. Thank you Beverly for such fun every week. I really enjoy meeting new people. Have a Blessed and Pinkalicious Saturday. pink hugs, Ellen