Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pink Saturday~100th Post~Cottage Charm Giveaway~

**UPDATED May 26th** My friend at Bunny Rose Cottage is having a giveway and joined the Cottage Giveaway, so I thought I would add mine because I will be picking the winner May 30th. Stop by by clicking on the button link to check out all the other fabulous giveaways. hugs, Ellen

Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at
Last P.S. was my 100th post so I decided to have a giveaway. I was taking photos of pin cushions for my etsy shop grand opening and for today but dropped my camera and I broke it. So for today's giveaway, I had to change it up alittle. Because I cannot take photos of the pin cushion I had for the giveaway and I still wanted to have it today, I decided to make the PRIZE a CUSTOME ORDER PIN CUSHION OF YOUR STYLE CHOICE. The winner of this giveway will be able to chose from 4 different styles of pin cushion, two different styles of my kitty cat pin cushion, my owl pin cushion, or my version of a cupcake pin cushion. The winner can also have his or her cushion made in any color combination. If you don't feel like pinks that is!!!!!

So this Giveaway will run all week. Next Pink Saturday, May 30th, I will announce the winner. So you have until midnight Friday, May 29th Eastern Time to leave a comment on this post.

What I am looking for is this: Tell me something about yourself, that most people wouldn't know. It could be anything. I will choice the one I think is the most creative. I look forward to reading your stories!!! Here is mine. When I was 8 I was trying to catch a baby Gar fish in Galvastine bay. We use to have a boat docked there. While my arm was submerged in water, its mother (or hunter) came up from underneath another boat and hissed at me....It was not just a Gar, but an Alligator Gar. I turned Ghostly white and ran screaming to my parents who were relaxing on the boat. That is something I will never forget!!!! And I have only told a handful of people over the years LoL

Good LucK! And Have lots of fun! pink hugs, Ellen
Style Choice One.

Style Choice Two.

Style Choice Three.

Style Choice Four.


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

The French Bear said...

I do love your pincushions, so I have to tell you a story but don't tell anyone else!
Once when it was snowing big huge snowflakes, I woke my kids up at midnight and bundled them up in the car. We drove to an empty parking lot and spun donuts with the sun roof open so the big flakes fell inside. We laughed and sang Christmas carols! The we went home I tucked them in bed. Must have been the full moon! My kids have never said if they remember this....
Margaret B

Shirl said...

Hello Ellen, Happy Pink Saturday and Congrats on you 100th post. So sorry to read about your camera. I'd love to enter to win one of your beautiful pincushions. I'd love to have another of your beautiful creations!
Love ya, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Ellen, this is so cute! I love all the pincushions :) Congratulations on 100 posts!!!!

Let me see, what is G rated enough for me to tell?? LOL! A few years ago, my husband and I were on vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were waterfall hunting and deep in the woods. I had to pee sooo bad!! So I got out and made him stand behind me in the woods while I went to watch out (for what I dont know, bears perhaps, lol!). Somehow, I managed to pee in my shoes!!! I had to wear them the rest of the trip. He laughed and laughed. But then a couple weeks ago, I got him back. Our chihuahua had went potty (not pee) on the bathroom rug. When he stepped out of the shower, he didnt see it and stepped right in it. I STILL laugh, lol! Needless to say, he had to take another shower, lol!

Love you sweetie!

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday, your pincushions are adorable! Let's see,don't think I can top Amy's story!

someplace in thyme said...

you make the prettiest pincushions. I am so sorry you broke your camera, that is a fear that I have, happy pink saturday, Char

Elizabeth said...

Your pincushions are so cute!
Most people don't know that I only sweat on my head/face!

♥Mimi♥ said...

What a l♥vely Pink Saturday blog entry. This is the one day of the week when I get to sit for a couple of hours and soak in my favorite color. Thanks for being a part of that day☺

I'll take a side order of number four, thank you!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful family weekend. I will be remembering my father who served in WWII, and praying for all of our military who are in harms' way.

creative breathing said...

Ellen, You are one of my very favorite Pink Girls! I am a furniture mover by nature, my husband likes things to stay put. I always wait until he is on a trip to move things and say when he returns, "Oh, I moved that ages ago." One trip; however, late at night (I do my best moving then) I wanted to change my living and family room couches. I had to go through the front door. It was quite a struggle, and I couldn't go anyfurther than the front yard;so I pushed it into the garage for renewed energy in the morning. Don't you know my husband returned early from his trip, opened the garage to see our living room couch! Now that I couldn't explain away! I love your pincushion, and especially the pink ones! Elizabeth

Susan Pilotto said...

...back in the old family & I would do a lot of evening while we were sitting around the pic-nik table eating my very favorite meal...macaroni & cheese...we were all busy munching away when a wee brown bear decided he wanted some dinner too...well...we all ran screaming into the camperlike we had all been struck by lightning...we all looked out at the table staring wistfully at our steaming macaroni & cheese...well...I says to my wee heck with this!!! I ran out of the camper before anyone could nowtice & I grabbed my bowl of macoaroni & ran like the wind back into the camper...I was the only one who got supper that night...this is a true story. Susan

Susan Pilotto said...

Forgot to wish you a happy 100th post! Love your wee cushions. Susan

Holly said...

Okay- here I am!

Those Alligator Gars *are* scary Ellen! Poor baby! ♥

Thanks for having a give away! We do love those- don't we?!

What's something most people don't know about me? Hmmm...

As a child, I lived in a ghost town for 4 years. It was an abandoned coal mining town. My big brothers and I did lots of exploring of old buildings and cars and I stepped on lots of nails!

Since the miners were so poor, we really didn't find many treasures but I do remember finding an old boot and a bar of soap at the bath house. (Kind of gross really!)

I like your cuppy cake pincushion the bestest, Ellen!!

Sandra said...

Hi Ellen, you've got some adorable pincushions on here. Could you email me about the pincushion swap:



CC said...

Ooooo, I love your pincushions, specially little whire kitty. I would love to win..but I don't have a lot of great stories. Happy late Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Tam said...

I love your pincushions and I've been wanting to get a unique one.

somthing people don't know about me, I was born on halloween and got my first nick name because of my hair. the nurses all called me frosty, because I had several colors of hair and looked like I'd been to the salon and had it frosted like was so popular at the time.

One of my most embarrassing moments: I was a young teen and my friends and I (including my boyfriend at the time) went to a pond to swim. I was wearing a one piece swim suit and when I stood up somehow the whole front was pulled down and I was standing right in front of my boyfriends, needless to say I was totally embarrassed

ourfamily @

windycindy said...

Hello! Nine years ago, my only brother passed away in May and four months later, my mother also passed away. On the night that mom passed away, I left my dad's home around
4:00 Sunday morning. Driving home to my family, I was so overcome grief, I was having trouble driving home.
It was a country drive home and somewhere along my route, was a young woman walking along the side of the road! I could also see a car on its side. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. To make a long story short, she was ecstatic I had come along. We were two people that needed each other and were brought together that fateful night. Many thanks, Cindi

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Well the 100th's are sure going around, I am celebrating mine with a giveaway too! Congratulations on reaching yours! Great feeling isn't it.
I have fallen in love with that little kitty pincushion, she is very sweet.

CupcakeDD said...

CUTE cupcake pincushion!!
When I was about 9, I was a major sleepwalker. One night I walked into the kitchen and proceeded to pee in the garbage can. My dad LOVES telling that story to anyone and everyone! ~Julie

Marilyn in NM said...

I just love your cupcake pincushion. It is so adorable. I'd love a chance to win it.

Almost exactly 48 years ago, my family and I visited my aunt and uncle in Colorado. We would go to a very quaint lodge that had cabins butted up to the lake and we'd stay for a whole week. It was just awesome....roughing it, you know? Well, every afternoon at almost dinner time I would go for a walk with my Dad around the lake and I would tell him there was a very big kitty following us. He'd laugh it off and then tease me about having such a vivid imagination. I would just swear to him that it was a "larger than normal" kitty but he'd just laugh. On the evening before we were to leave, we went for our last walk around the lake. Again, the "Big Kitty" was following us and Daddy laughed at my story once again. When we got back to the cabin, my Aunt Cecilia informed us that we should be very careful out in the woods because the Forest Ranger had been by and said a Cougar was roaming around and had snagged a small poodle from one of the other cabins/camps for his dinner. I thought my poor Dad was going to faint right there. He looked at me, grabbed me tight and said he would never laugh at my little stories again.
As we packed up and left the next morning, we drove slowly away from the cabin and all 6 of us saw the cougar peering out from behind the cabin as he watched us drive away. My mother always reminded me how thankful my poor Dad was that the "Big Kitty" didn't grab his "Little Girl" and devour her. Now when we are camping or staying in the mountains I always watch for the "Big Kitty"!

Marilyn in NM

Dragonlady said...

Love your beautiful pin cushions..

LeBizyB said...

What a darling giveaway. I love your pin cushions and would love one to be displayed right here with me. I grew up on a farm, yet my son and I weren't fortunate enough to live on a farm when he was younger. But the love for animals and the fairs continued rubbing off on my son. He wanted to join in on raising and showing pigs and sheep. Since we lived in town, we didn't have a place to keep the animals nor a trailer or pickup to haul them in. We had a car. My son was able to keep his animals at a friends house in the country. When it came time to haul them to and from the fairs we loaded them into, yep, the backseat of our car. My son never did get Grand Champion, but he occasionally took Reserve Grand Champion and he had so much fun that it was all worth the time, the effort and the strange looks as we headed down the road with the critters in our back seat.

Most people don't know this as we've moved since then and my son changed interests to playing summer sports and swimming.

(My blog is still under construction).


daretadream (at) q (dot) com

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

One Christmas eve years ago I lived in Alaska. Approaching a divorce it was a sad time and I had somehow managed to scrape together a bit of money to buy my 5year old a doll, but there would be nothing else.
We had attended the candlelight service and were slowly driving home due to a layer of beautiful fresh fallen snow. With the full moon lighting up our home we saw a mother moose and her wee baby slowly crossing our yard. It was unbelievably lovely and peaceful.
My daughter said from her carseat "What a pretty gift God and Santa have given us for Christmas." A pretty gift indeed.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

wow Ellen! those are the cutest pin cushions I have seen and I would love to be entered into your give-away. I will be doing Pink Saturday and the give-away too on May 30th so check back. Let's see now...what do most people don't know about me. I come from a small town but not a one street town. Once, as a teenager, I drove my car backwards all the way through town. I don't think I have ever told that to another soul since high school. :) Have a great day! Best Wishes, Frog Tongue, (frog tongue is another thing people don't know about's my brother's nick name for me. :)

the wild raspberry said...'s hard to choose my favorite...the owl. no. the kitty.
no~ the owl. ok it it the owl.
have a wonderful day.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Not many people know this about me but those who do NEVER forget it. I hate feet. I don't even like baby feet. I think feet are gross. I wear socks ALL the time, even in summer. Yes, I paint my toes and of course I have to wear flip flops now and then but I bring a spare pair of socks with me wherever I go. I can't stand the feel of sand in my toes, I do not go barfoot, even in the house and don't even ask me to give you a foot massage :) I hate feet!

BUT... I LOVE your pincushions!

Deanna said...

What a wonderful celebration you have going on! Congratulations to you and your blog on your 100th post!! Sign me up for your darling giveaway. If you choose me I'll let you pick out the pincushion for me. I adore them all.

Something no one knows about me:
When my husband and I moved to San Antonio 6 years ago I was stunned to see so many homeless people all over town. I grew up in Lubbock and of course every city has a homeless community but the homeless in Lubbock were never visible. It seemed that every time I went to the grocery store here in S.A. I would be accosted by people asking for money and they could get really nasty. I started being afraid to get out of my car. I just never trusted the people that would mill around parking lots asking for money.
Several months later, my husband and I were near downtown and we crossed the Commerce street bridge near the County jail and I saw for the first time in my life a city of homeless souls. They stay grouped together....hundreds of them below and to the side of the bridge. That image stayed with me for days. Cut to a week later: I drove to the bridge and parked on the side...not getting to close to where they live because I was told by the store owners that are on the other side to just leave what I intended for them near the first column of the bridge. Since that day which was July 3rd 2003, a day after my birthday, I have been to that bridge every Wednesday to take cases of water, towels, blankets, bottles of shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, bottles of body wash, sanitary items for the women out doesn't cost much really, just things I pick up at Dollar General. Most of them I never see again so I pray that their homeless situation has bettered for them. Nowadays when they see me coming, they wave. These are the real homeless people. Not the panhandlers at the grocery store.


The Other Side of Me said...


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your pincushions are sooooo sweet!! My favorite is the one with the strawberries.

Please enter me in your giveaway!!!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a fun giveaway!
Okay, your story reminded me of one from my own past....
When I was about five, we visited my grandpa in Florida. We went to the ocean, and my parents let me go out a little ways in an innertube (my dad was closeby). Somehow it flipped over, and I was upside down in the water briefly -- and, during that time, a dolphin swam by me!! My dad came to my rescue, but I'll never forget that!

stefanie said...

okay, here it my dreams I am a Super hero.
you wanted to know
oh i adore the kitty pincushion

Vintage Sandy said...

These are just the cutest pincushions would love to win one of them please enter me!

VintageCrafter said...

I LOVE your pincushions and would be thrilled to win one. As for something about me....I once woke up at 2;00pm in the morning to go outside in the middle of the winter(there was 6 feet of snow on the ground and it was FREEZING!), hauled out a lawn chair and watched the most amazing meteorite shower.

Peggy. said...

I like number 3 the best.

Jane said...

I adore the white kitty! So cute! Something about me... Danny Ainge once touched me, and I soon developed a wart in the exact place! I had that stupid wart forever.

Angie said...

I LOVE your pin cushions..oh they are so creative! I will tell you one of my deepest darkest secrets...but you gotta promise not to tell anyone else, ok? Pinkie swear! :-)

Years ago I was making a birthday cake for my cousin's daughter. I was also close to 8 months pregnant with my son. I had just finished making the cake and was lifting it to put it into a box when it slipped and fell onto the floor! I about died! It was totally ruined. I scraped it off the floor and proceeded to cry as I ate about half of mean..the parts that didn't touch the floor! I then made hubby go to the store at 11 o'clock at night to get another cake mix and more powdered sugar. I stayed up until 4 o'clock decorating another cake! I don't even remember the party I was sooo tired. There are pictures of me snoozing on the sofa with my big ol baby belly

Hugs ~ Angie

Becky said...

I LOVE the owl! Please pick me.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

LOVE that owl....come join my give-away as well. cherry

carolynishis said...

I love the pin cushions,they are darling.
We were catching minnows to go fishing in the middle of a creek when we heard a loud roar,A huge flood of water enveloped us.Our dad grabbed me and my sister by the arms and pulled us out.My sister held on to the minnow bucket the whole time.She was to scared to let go of it.

Marie said...

Love, love that darn cute owl!
Most embarrassing memory as a young girl - I threw up on the spider ride at a carnival. Worst part? I was wearing a thick fur coat. Gross.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh, how lovely, I would love to be entered. Thank you.

Julie said...

darling pincushions but have to say my favorite is style number 3

please enter me


Betty Jo said...

I'll be blogging about my new sewing adventure tomorrow for Pink Saturday. So I definitely need that adorable #3 pincushion.

Something unknown about me. A few years ago I won an International Ritz Camera photo contest, $2,000 first prize. I was shooting film at the time and submitted the slide only because my son loved it and asked me to. What most people don't know is, it was the only keeper on the entire roll of film. I was trying the camera out for the day, playing with all the options. As we were leaving a little lake in OR I realized I had one shot left. I walked back onto the dock, as the sun was setting, and simply shot the dock and some boats tied to it. It was a winner! I guess you might say it was "last, but not least."

Christine said...

What a wonderful story. I don't know the type of fish your talking about but I'd be scared if any fish hissed at me.

So here's my story (your's reminded me of mine).

I used to go visit at my uncles farm is southern Idaho every summer when I was young. My uncle had a big (well actually at my young age he was humongous) bull that kept getting out of his pen, so he set out to put a ring in his nose. (If you don't know farming, the put a ring/w chain in their nose and electrify the fence so he gets shocked when he tries to get out. After he's been shocked a couple of times, they remove the chain).

Anyway, My cousins and I were sitting on the fence while my uncle was trying to get the bull roped and contained. After a couple of times trying to rope him, the bull was getting quite testy. He started jumping and bucking everywhere. When he charged towards the fence I was sitting on, I took off running and didn't stop until I got into the house! To make matters worse, I had nightmares every night, until I got home, about the bull charging into the house!

To make matters double worse, my cousins already called me "City Dude" and they haven't let up since!!!

Thanks for bringing back memories. Now you've made my blog hopping come to a screeching halt while I read all of the other stories!

I hope you checked mine out!


Joy said...

I love number two!

When I was very young and living in Mississippi, I used to take empty Cracker Jack boxes and collect baby frogs when it would rain bucket loads.

luverlie said...

I like the cupcake cushion and will tell my story. When I was a teenager on a Halloween night, a couple of my friends and I jumped on the back of a fire truck and rode thru town. OK, it was a small town! They eventually saw us, stopped, but we jumped off and ran away.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love your pincushions. Please enter me.

Hugs :)


Deb611 said...

Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway. I love choice # 4. So sweet.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thoae are adorable, and my favorite is either the owl or the pussycat... how fitting! That white kitty, though, is adorable.

My story? I once went to City Hall for a meeting with my sweater inside out. My shoulder pads were on top of my shoulders like epaulettes! LOL! Fortunatley, a friend stopped me before I got into the actual chambers, but I did make it to the front steps!

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)

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