Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~My Sleeping Beauty~

Audrey, My Sleeping Beauty, was born today at 2:10is in the morning. (I can't believe I don't remember the exact time). Being my first pregnancy, everything was so new and surreal. I would stand by her empty crib at night and imagine my lil' Audrey in it. Of course, no imagination could capture the awesomeness of the real thing! Dan and I were so blessed with a beautiful little. That beauty just radiates from within here little being! I thank God everyday with the prescious little care package he sent. And I am humbled that he loaned her to Dan and I to love and raise all the days of our life here and in heaven.
Sweet Kisses Sleeping Beauty!
hugs, Mommy
Doesn't she look like Popeye! This is how she looked when she came right out. I have a picture somewhere of my mom holding her in the delivery room with one eye open. I wish I could find it!
This was were I spent most of my time~Morning~Noon~Night...All Nigth! She had bad reflux so I would stay up/sleep on the couch holding her upright! Of course being a new mom I was petrified so I slept very little!
This photo was taken on her BIRTHday in the hospital.

Another one of my many nights! My hair! Yikes!

Just enjoying carrying her around with me...EVERYWHERE!

Night...I've lost count by this time. I think she is trying to eat! LOL

Well, I hope you enjoyed. I have many photos to follow.
hugs, Ellen