Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pink Saturday

Good Morning! It is nice to be back. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to blog much. Between pin cushion sales and the girls being sick over and over, I just couldn't get on her. The girls are starting to feel better and yet are still very cranky! UGH! I am blessed, because my mom is here this weekend to help out. So here I am for PINK SATURDAY. I am in to Christmas Swaps and this was from one of them. This is such a beautiful Pink Victorian style Christmas Wreath. Isn't it so lovely. I can hang this year round. Now I need to find out where to hang it! Make sure to enlarge the photo to see all the little touches! I want to thank Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for hosting this wonderful event every Saturday. Make sure to click on the link to see what other pink prettys are posted.
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend. I promise I will be around to visit soon. hugs, Ellen



Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

Jan and Tom's Place said...

How precious Ellen...great PINKness, too!


g said...

So pretty, that wreath. I hope everyone's recovering, and things are looking up for you! Have a good weekend, and relax!

squawmama said...

Very pretty pink post Ellen... Loved it... Have a very PINK day...


Holly said...

Wow.. Yes, everyone should be sure to enlarge the wreath for a closer look! Soooo lovely! Do you know who made it?

Good to see you around, Ellen. Thanks for coming by this morning!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Ellen! That is the most beautiful wreath I have EVER seen!! WOW, Kim did a GREAT job!! How perfect for you with the tea theme! You should hang it in your kitchen or dining room!

Love ya,

Stephanie said...

What a lovely and unusual wreath. So creative!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Joy said...

That is a beautiful wreath; I love all the things it is festooned with.

Shirl said...

Hello Ellen, on my what a beautiful wreath. Did Kim make that, so perfect for you with the tea theme. So sorry for that awful thing you went through today. Must have scared you righ to death, and boy do I hate when people hurt animals. I hope that little dog is OK. Your post on Macy's parade was so cute, brought back memories for me.
Love you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Beverly said...

Ellen, bless your heart. I know that must have scared you to death. Thank God know one was badly hurt.

I love your wreath, and I hope you can enjoy your weekend.

Happy Pink Saturday.

CC said...

Your wreath is so pretty.. Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Fifi Flowers said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

I enlarged the photo to see all of the detail and it's beautiful...I love it!

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