Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Oh I cannot believe that my first born turned 4 today. My little sweet pea!!! How time flies when your busy raising lil' ones! Audrey, on the right, is having fun playing with Jane. I let them open their new play dough for her birthday. This is how the morning started.

I am dedicating my blog today to Audrey. Throughout the day I will be back to post different things about or for Audrey. I hope that you stop back to see!

We will be having an intimate birthday party tonight for her. Just mommy, daddy, and jane. Saturday will be the extended family! start, I changed the blog with birhtday balloons. It had to have purple. I also created her very own playlist. Enjoy!

Mommy loves you Audrey!
hugs and kisses, Mommy


Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Audrey! Have fun being four!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

You are so sweet to have all of these beautiful posts for Audrey's birthday Ellen! I bet she feels like a star!

Happy Birthday sweet Audrey!!

Love you,