Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two New Additions To Our Family!

Thought I would introduce Bella and Cupcake to you all. These are two sweet lil' kittens we picked up Sunday night. Audrey's is Bella the black one and Jane's is Cupcake the gray girl. There 5 weeks so they are tiny. There momma was killed so they were in desperate need of a family. They really are fitting in so nicely. Today I gave them a bath. They didn't like that so much but handled it better than I thought. I'll have to post picks now that they look clean. Have a wonderful night.

***UPDATE*** I have created a new blog for selling my handmade items plus other goodies. Keep checking back to find out more. Have a wonderful night everyone. shabby hugs & pink kisses, ellen Photobucket


Rhondamum said...

Oh my goodness! Love your blog and love your work! Glad that you found me, will be visiting you often!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

They are too cute to stand Ellen! I could just eat em' up :)

Any time you want to convo, I am available :)

Love ya!