Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet Yummy Cupcake Pin Cushions!

Sweet Pink CuPcAkE Yummy Pin Cushion~SOLD
Close Up!
Black CRoW Halloween Pin Cushion~SOLD
Sweet Black Bird Halloween Pin Cushion
50 1930's Vintage Repro Fabric Yo Yo's~SOLD

Thes are up for sale on ebay. You can check them out at the following link.*memory*making*mom


Priscila said...

hi! I love those pin cushions@! I want to order some for christmas presents! I think you should do a giveaway also with one of those! :) wink!!

Darling! Great job

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Priscila, You are so sweet. Thank you for your interest in the pin cushions. What are you looking for? What colors are you looking for? I agree. I think a giveaway would be a great idea. I have just been waiting until I have been on my blog for awhile. You can get back to me by emailing me at with any information regarding the pin cushions. hugs, ellen