Monday, August 25, 2008

Halloween Anyone?

Hello Everyone! Well, I am back from our short trip to Sun Valley. We had such beautiful weather. I'll post pictures later. What I am really excited about is that I was able to stop at my favorite fabric store while on our lil' trip. I found some really pretty Halloween fabric at, Quilting By The Yard. I tell you it took me two minutes to pick out the fabric and about 45 minutes to wait to have it cut. I am not complaining....oh maybe alittle. Hubby and the girls were waiting in the truck. Dan said, "You'll be quick, right? Ten Minutes." I said, "Definately, I know what I am looking for." Long story short, he came in the store with both girls. The girls were good and so was he. WINK WINK!!! It was worth the wait. I have already started making my HALLOWEEN PIN CUSHIONS. I am so excited to post pictures. The other items in the picture; four halloween tea stained Halloween tags, three black crows with sheer black ribbon and black glitter, and two small pumpkins with twirly wire. I got these accessories from another favorite store, BITTERSWEET. It is so hard for me because I have definately gone Shabby since having two girls. I love soft pinks, and ruffles and everything shab, but I tell you I cannot resist anything primitive country/antique. So I have decided to dedicate different areas of my house to both types of decor. I can make it work!!!! I know I can. LOL I am definately feeling festive and ready for fall and all the wonderful surprises it brings. I never thought I would say that. I think that we had such an eventful summer that I am satisfied and ready to move on. I would love for you to join me as I start to create and share my seasonal journey. hugs, Ellen

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