Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogging Time

Wow! Finding time to blog is a lot more difficult than I remember. I really want to get back on here regularly. I need to figure out how to incorporate it into my daily life. Anyone out there have suggestions? I am always coming up things I could post about but never get to it.

I am in a Spring Basket Swap. I am really excited about. I saw it last year and wished I had been in it. I'll post a link to it along with pictures of the baskets I make and receive.

Have a Blessed Day!

hugs, Ellen

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Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hello there, Ellen! So good to see you! What a pretty little chair.

I had fun listening to some of your play list this morning. I can't read and listen so I just closed my eyes and listened to the Newsboys. :)

I'm blogging less than usual myself so I don't have any advice for you! Joining parties helps. I participate in rednesday now so I'll be posting for that tomorrow.

I hope you have a great day! ♥